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Curious Cousin- Alexis Fawx


Christie stevens opens the front door and happily reunites with her second cousin, alexis fawx, who is staying with her a bit. The two women excitedly catch up as christie gives alexis a tour of the place, which ends up in the guest bedroom. Unfortunately, given the limited space, christie and alexis will be sharing the bed! Although alexis isn’t quite sure about this, because she hasn’t shared a bed with anyone in awhile, she agrees to since she’s the guest, and all.

later that night, while alexis is resting, christie begins masturbating right beside her, even fingering her butthole. Alexis is shocked she stirs and catches her second cousin in the act. What the hell is going on?? Christie is super embarrassed, admitting that alexis is just so hot — their whole family is hot! She couldn’t help herself…

once alexis gets over the initial shock, she curiously asks what exactly christie was doing. Christie is amused as she answers christie’s questions about anal, though alexis is still nervous about the act as a whole. Doesn’t it hurt? ‘Not if you do it properly,’ christie insists while adding that she’d be happy to show her how to do it properly! Although alexis is still a little hesitant, she admits it’d be a nice way to ease back into dating… But she’s never even kissed a girl before! Christie tells alexis to just relax — they’re family, so christie’s going to take good care of her.

alexis is in for the night of her life as christie guides her through the sensual experience. After warming her up with some fingering and pussy licking, christie grabs a dildo and dives into alexis’ tight ass. Although alexis never experienced anal before, she has a feeling it’s going to be a staple in her bedroom romps from now on!

Date: December 4, 2022

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