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Making Mommy Jealous- Alexis Fawx


Jade baker is about to shower, grinning to herself as she feels herself up and watches the bathroom door. Moments later, her step-mother, alexis fawx, accidentally walks straight on in since the door wasn’t locked. Alexis is startled, staring briefly at her step-daughter’s naked body before shielding her eyes. She demands why jade didn’t lock the door and jade flirtily responds, while touching herself, that it was in hopes that alexis would walk in on her. She’s welcome to join her in the shower! Alexis throws her hands up in frustration. ‘This is getting ridiculous. I can’t go anywhere in this house without seeing my stepdaughter’s breasts or… Or…’ Alexis is flustered as she glances briefly down to jade’s pussy while trailing off. ‘You need to stop this! Your father never would’ve approved of this, and I’m just trying my best to raise you right. You’re just like my stepsister. Stop trying to get me into bed!’ Alexis exclaims and hurries out of the bathroom.

jade calls alexis’ step-sister riley reyes and tells her what happened. Riley reveals that she had a fling with alexis once. This seems to give jade an idea and she invites riley over. Riley seems intrigued and agrees.

later that day, alexis goes to confront jade about her behaviour, but is interrupted when riley arrives. Alexis is surprised to see riley, asking her what’s going on? Riley tells her that she just came over to visit jade. After they chat for a few minutes, jade tells riley that she wants to show her a new outfit that she just bought and leads riley to her room. Alexis is left alone, looking puzzled.

in jade’s room, riley and jade immediately begin to kiss, stripping off their clothes as riley buries her face in jade’s wet pussy. As riley eats jade out and jade moans, alexis walks in, furious at what she sees. ‘That’s enough! Stop it right now! Riley, get off her! Put your clothes on, the both of you!’ Alexis says angrily.

jade and riley pause. ‘Jade’s 18, she can do what she wants to do,’ riley says. Alexis now begs them to stop. She looks like she’s about to have a meltdown. Jade smiles more sincerely now and tells alexis that they’ll stop when she has sex with them. Alexis is hesitant as she sits down on the bed while jade and riley sit up and start working together to feel her up and undress her. Alexis is still tense and reluctant, though gradually loosens up as they kiss and touch her all over.

jade’s been trying so hard to get in alexis’ pants — and it looks like riley’s about to get back in them, too!

story inspired by an original submission by girlsway member, venturer!

Date: August 13, 2022

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