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Swapped At Birth: The Other Family – Alexis Fawx


Swapped at birth: the other family
parents reveal to daughter that she was swapped at birth so they can fuck her

scene opens on harold (stirling cooper) and martha green (alexis fawx), who have just seen their friends fred and barbara off after having them over for dinner. As harold and martha chat with each other, talk turns to their daughter cassie.

‘and how are you feeling? About cassie’s big day, I mean? We didn’t have a chance to talk openly about it with fred and barbara at the dinner table. Do you think cassie’s ready for the truth?’ Martha asks in a hushed tone.

‘i really don’t know,’ harold responds.

‘what if she’s not ready…What if she reacts…Badly?’

there is a moment of silence as they silently contemplate the question. Finally, harold’s expression darkens, threat looming behind his eyes.

‘well, in that case…We’ll just have to give her a little…Tough love.’

cut to title

days later, the greens, along with cassie’s older sister heidi (ella knox), surprise cassie (adria rae) for her 18th birthday. The family settles in for cassie’s birthday dinner.

but after dinner, martha and harold drop a bomb on cassie: she is not their biological daughter.

martha and harold explain that as part of an arrangement with fred and barbara, their daughters were swapped at birth, so that each couple could indulge their fantasy and fuck their ‘daughter’ when she came of age. Heidi seems to be aware of this and cassie storms out in anger.

heidi goes to comfort cassie, explaining that she was also swapped at birth in a similar arrangement, so harold and martha aren’t her biological parents either. Heidi tries to convince cassie that she’ll learn to love the arrangement.

back in the living room, harold and martha are wringing their hands nervously, clearly worried. Harold and martha look up to see heidi walking in. They look up at her expectantly. Heidi steps aside and reveals that cassie has followed her in. There is a moment of suspense as cassie looks at her parents, her facial expression unreadable. Martha and harold seem to be holding their breaths, unsure of what cassie is about to say. Finally, cassie nods, her expression one of conflicting emotions.

‘ok…Ok fine, mom, dad… This still freaks me out, but I’ll… I’ll try to give you what you want,’ cassie says softly.

harold and martha smile, relieved. They squeeze each other’s hands.

heidi takes the lead, slowly undressing cassie as harold and martha watch, licking their lips. Heidi slips her own clothes off, kissing cassie tenderly as their supple bodies press against each other.

it won’t be long before harold and martha get in on the action, and then it’ll truly be a family affair…

Date: December 20, 2022

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