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The Nap- Alexis Fawx


Stepmother, alexis fawx goes into to her step daughter riley anne’s room to try to wake her up. She woke up late and should really stop snoozing the day away! But riley refuses to wake up and asks to be left alone to rest some more. A defeated alexis leaves the room to let her doze off, but not for too long. Alexis has a plan on how to wake up riley, a plan that’s been proven to always work! Undressing to only her white short shorts, alexis climbs into riley’s bed kissingher neck and whispering in her ear. Alexis wakes up to her step mother undressing her and asks why she always wakes her up this way. Riley is quick to get up and jump right into action. The stepmother, daughter duo kiss passionately, taking time to suck on each others nipples. Alexis pushes riley to the bed and sits on her face, letting her go pussy to mouth and suck on her clit. The girls give one another rimjobs, and both cum while tribbing. It’s clear that riley is now wide awake and tell to her stepmom ‘always wake me up like this!’.

Date: October 9, 2022

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